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Silver Beaver Class of 2018

The Northern Lights Council Silver Beaver Selection Committee is proud to announce the 2018 class of Silver Beaver Award Recipients:

Silver Beaver Class of 2018:
Keith Domke
Michael Guck
Daniel Link
Diane Smith
Perry Vogel
Charles Votava

 The Silver Beaver Award is the council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. Recipients of this award are registered adult leaders who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given to the council. The Silver Beaver is an award given to those who implement the Scouting program and perform community service through hard work, self-sacrifice, dedication, and many years of service.

This year's recipients will be recognized alongside other award recipients at the Northern Light Council Recognition Luncheon on Saturday, April 6th at the Center for Scouting in Fargo. Please join us in thanking these great volunteers for there service by attending. Registration and information is available at:

Posted: 2019-02-12
Camp Grafton Merit Badge Weekend

The annual merit badge weekend at Camp Grafton gives each youth the opportunity to experience life at the base and to work on a merit badge. All Scouts BSA youth are invited to join us on the weekend of April 26-28th at Camp Grafton. Event Registration must be completed online at  The cost is Youth - $50 Adults - $40 Registration opens on Monday, Feb. 4th at noon and closes at midnight on Wednesday, April 24, however it typically fills in the first week or so.

Scouts can earn the following merit badges:

Merit Badge       Participation Limit
Plumbing 14
Home Repairs 14
Orienteering 14
Cooking 24
Fire safety 14

Please review the calendar or flyer to get full details and to register: 

Contact: Paul Zent, 701-426-9912
Posted: 2019-01-31
Scouting for Food March 16 - 23, 2019

Scouting for Food is the largest community service food drive in our area involving Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers and Explorers.

Your unit should participate in the Council's Scouting for Food community service project.  Let your community know about this service project that helps restock the shelves of your local community food banks.  Let's all work together across the Council and make this year’s effort even more successful than last year’s and collect  more than 85,000 pounds of food across the Northern Lights Council!

Tips for a successful Scouting for Food:

  • Mark Scouting for Food Dates on your Unit's Calendar 
    Saturday, March 16 - Door Hanger Distribution Day
    Saturday, March 23 – Scouting for Food Collection Day
  •  Register your Unit to participate by completing:  Scouting for Food Unit Registration Form. 
  •  Identify one or more adults in your Scout unit who will coordinate your unit’s participation in Scouting for Food.
  • Attend your district Roundtable to pick up Scouting for Food door hangers.
  • Record your Scouting for Food community service hours here. Scouting for Food is a service project that helps your unit meet is goals for Journey to Excellence.
  • Have fun!  Take pictures. The Scouting for Food community service project is the perfect opportunity to let your community know about your unit.  Leave a unit flyer or thank you note with the door hangers, take pictures and submit them to your local newspaper.

Thank you for your unit’s participation in this very important community service project.  If you have questions contact your local District Scouting for Food Coordinator or District Executive.

Posted: 2019-01-23

Help Scouts Attend Camp this Summer through the Spring Product Sale

The spring sale held in March and April is designed to help Scouts earn money to help pay for Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp, Boy Scout Summer Camp, and High Adventure trips.  Jack Links has improved their packaging to include the iconic Scout brand and a variety of products sure to please anyone. Remember, Scouts are not selling Jack Links, they are asking the community to invest in their development – and Jack Links snacks are a delicious “Thank You” for helping your Scouts earn their way to camp!


NEW – RETURN POLICY! The Northern Lights Council will be able to accept returned product up to 10% of a unit’s total order. Order the quantity that you know your unit will be able to sell. Plan ahead and check with your District Executive and find out how much you ordered and sold last year.
NEW – PACKAGING!! The Jack Links product will be packaged with the BSA brand and each box will contain 5 items: (1) 1.25 oz. Original Beef Jerky, (1) 1 oz. Original Tender Bites, (1) 1 oz. Teriyaki Tender Bites and (2) 0.5 oz. Original Beef Sticks.Each box is the approximate size of a Scout handbook and will feature the BSA logo!
NEW – PRICING!!! Each Jack Links box will retail for $15 earning a $5 commission for each box sold! Each case contains 8 boxes for a $40 commission for each case sold!

Visit the Spring Product Sale page for more details!

Units Can Qualify to Receive Free Rank Insignia in 2019

The Northern Lights Council is pleased to offer Packs and Troops the opportunity to earn free rank insignia throughout 2019. Qualifying units will receive free rank insignia each time a Scout advances in rank.  This offer is made possible by the annual Friends of Scouting campaign and council product sale.  To qualify for free rank insignias a unit must meet each of the following requirements:

  1. Participate in Popcorn Sale – the unit must participate in the council sponsored 2018 Trail’s End Popcorn sale with a minimum of $500 in total sales.
  2. Journey to Excellence – Units must achieve at least “Bronze” level recognition in Scouting's Journey to Excellence in 2018. The Journey to Excellence unit scorecard must be completed, signed and submitted.
  3. On-time Charter Renewal – To be considered “on-time” the charter renewal paperwork must be turned in by announced deadline.
  4. Friends of Scouting – Unit must attain 2019 Friends of Scouting goal. Presentations should be held between November 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019. The minimum goal is determined by: Number of registered youths listed on charter renewal paperwork x $40

The following units have qualified for 2019 (additional units may qualify once they have attained their Friends of Scouting goal):

  1. Frontier Trails District 13 - Troop 1054
  2. Northern Sky District 5 - Pack 3234
  3. Northern Sky District 5 - Troop 1054
  4. Lakes District - Troop 0412
  5. Roughrider District - Pack 38
  6. Northern Sky District - Troop 229
  7. Northern Sky District - Troop 244
  8. Lake Agassiz District - Pack 1
  9. Lake Agassiz District - Pack 162
  10. Roughrider District - Pack 59
  11. Roughrider District - Troop 32

We thank these units for their support of the Northern Lights Council!

Scoutbook is now Free!

Scoutbook is the BSA’s online unit management tool and helps Scouts, parents and leaders track advancement and milestone achievements along the Scouting trail. Click here for more information or visit our Scoutbook page.

Unit Charter Renewal Happening Now

Annually, every unit must renew the memberships of their youth and adults. Most of these memberships expire on December 31, 2018 (in some districts, the expiration date is at the end of January or February).

Instead of having everyone complete a new membership application, the BSA has an online charter renewal system that is used to renew active members and drop inactive members. This online system is available now.

Before going online, here are a few things your pack or troop can do to prepare (and will help you finish charter renewal quicker):

  • Have all applications for new youth and adults turned in before starting the online process. Doing this will save time because you won’t have to manually enter them in the online charter renewal system.
  • Have all adults that will be renewing complete the new required Youth Protection Training. If all the leaders have not completed the new training, it will cause a delay in renewing the unit charter.
  • Start collecting any fees that your unit requires. This can be time consuming, so start early.

The completed paperwork will be due at least 30 days prior to the expiration date for the unit. This allows time for fixing defects and processing the paperwork prior to expiration.

To log in to the online charter renewal system or to download copies of the charter renewal packet contents, go to the Charter Renewal page.

Report to the State 2019

The Report to the State was held on Wednesday, February 13 at the Elks Club in Bismarck. The annual event has been sponsored by the Bismarck Rotary Club starting in 1922 (this being the 97th year). Youth members from different Northern Lights Council programs - Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Exploring give a report outlining what happened in Scouting during the previous year. The official report is presented to the Governor during the Rotary Club meeting and other legislators during a tour of the capital. Thank you to the Rotary Club, all of the participants including Governor Bergum, Gen. Dorhmann and our youth members. Special thank you to Dale Sandstrom for chairing the event again this year.

Video of the Report to the State (part 1)

Video of the Report to the State (part 2)

Details on Scouts BSA Uniform and Handbook

Their here!

You’ve been asking for details about these new items, and today, we’ve got answers to share.

But first, a quick note to leaders and Scouts in existing all-boy troops: your uniforms and handbooks won’t need to be replaced. You’re good to go.

For leaders of new Scouts BSA troops, as well as new Scouts BSA members — boy or girl — keep reading for the latest info.

Scouts BSA uniforms: Your questions answered!

When will the new Scouts BSA uniforms be available?

Scouts BSA launched Feb. 1, and uniform parts are available now at nationally operated Scout shops. Uniform parts include the roll-up pantsgirl’s short-sleeve shirt and more uniform items available in sizes for women and girls.

We recommend you contact the Fargo Scout Shop to confirm availability before making a trip.

What’s new or different about the Scouts BSA uniform?

The Scouts BSA uniform shirt comes in sizes and cuts for women and girls. New uniform pants for women and girls can be rolled up at the leg to be worn as capri pants. Women and girls can also purchase the current, switchback-style uniform pants that zip off at the knee. The new shirt is tan and features a BSA fleur-de-lis emblem and the letters “BSA” in red over the right pocket. The existing inventory of tan shirts, with “BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA” in red over the right pocket, will be available until they’re all sold out.

Can I still wear previous-generation uniform pieces?

Yes. With BSA uniforms, the rule is: once official, always official.

Can I mix and match old and new uniform pieces?

Yes. For example, you could wear the new tan Scouts BSA uniform shirt with previous-generation green uniform pants.

Scouts BSA Handbook: Your questions answered!

When will the new Scouts BSA Handbook be available?

The Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls is now available. We recommend you contact the Fargo Scout Shop to confirm availability before making a trip.

The Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys will be shipped to Scout shops this summer as current inventory decreases. Boys can continue using the 13th Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook, which remains available at Scout shops and online.

Why are there two different handbooks?

The volunteer-led board of directors wanted to ensure Scouts can see themselves represented accurately in the pages, and having two handbooks was the most effective way to do that.

The photos reflect the troop of which the Scout is a member. In other words, boys will see images of other boys in the Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys; girls will see images of other girls in the Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls.

Is the content the same between the Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys and the Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls?

Yes, the content, requirements and page numbers are exactly the same. All that’s different is the photos.

What did and didn't change from the Boy Scout Handbook to the Scouts BSA Handbooks?

What didn't change:

  • Requirements
  • Program elements

What did change:

  • Images, which reflect the troop of which the Scout is a member
  • The program name — Boy Scouts becomes Scouts BSA
  • Youth Protection guidelines, which are regularly updated to keep young people safe
  • Minor grammar and formatting fixes to the 13th Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook

Can a Scout continue to use the 13th Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook?

Absolutely. But be aware that rules and requirements can be updated, so always look for the latest requirements online or in Scoutbook.

Latest Cub Scout Leader Guides now available in print or digital formats

Cub Scout leaders, you can now grab the latest edition of the Cub Scout Leader Book and rank-specific Den Leader Guides in print or digital formats.

You can get a copy at the Fargo Scout Shop or your local Scout Shop, at or on the Amazon Kindle store. If you choose the digital download from Amazon, your copy will be accessible on any device linked to your Amazon account. That includes your laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android device, Amazon Kindle reader or Amazon Kindle Fire.

The books, newly updated for 2018, are aligned with the current requirements for Cub Scout adventure loops and pins. You’ll find detailed meeting plans for each adventure, including games, ceremonies and helpful tips to make your meeting run smoothly.

The covers have been simplified and color-coded to match the Cub Scout handbooks used by the boys or girls in your den. If you’re in Tigers, for example, get the orange Den Leader Guide to match the orange Tiger Cub Scout Handbook. Get the red book for Wolf, blue for Bear and green for Webelos.

Scouts ... Don't miss the 2019 World Jamboree

The 2019 World Jamboree will be co-hosted by the United States, Canada, and Mexico and will be held at the Summit in West Virginia on July 21-August 2 2019.  The United States has only hosted one other World Jamboree in 1967 in Idaho.  This one is only a few hours from your home.  How can you compare a National Jamboree and a World Jamboree?  The answer is, You Can't. 

A World Jamboree is about meeting people from other countries and learning about them and their cultures.  There are dinner exchanges and an opportunity to go around to visit Troops from other countries and sample their food and activities.  Your Troop will be camped next to Troops from other countries.  Whereas, the activities in most Jamborees are limited, the 2019 World Jamboree will also have all of the activities available at the Summit.  There has never been another Jamboree like this one and probably will not be another like it in the future. 

The Central Region, Area 1 has been allotted 6 units with one being a coed Venturing Troop.  At this time there are only 126 openings left, so sign up today at

Youth must be 14 and not yet 18 years old by July 21, 2019.  The cost is $2500.00.  There will be some scholarship money available with information on this available around March 1.  Be sure you are one of the Scouts who have the opportunity to experience this mountain top experience.

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