Council online store, integrates with your events, and full inventory management!
  • Unlimited Stores Don't be limited to just one store location! You can have as many as you like. Clearance items, Silver Beaver items, the possibilities are endless!
  • Event Integration Sell items as part of the event registration process!
  • Built-In Inventory Management Real-time view of your inventory status, including the ability to handle your annual inventory count!
  • Low Quantity and Purchase Alert Notifications Be notified when a new purchase is made, or if your stock counts go below a level you set!

Unlimited Stores

Want to establish an online store for each of your camps? How about a store for your Camporall or Wood Badge? You can do that!

  • Track inventory by store. Automatically keeps track of inventory by each of your stores!
  • Manage all stores from where you are. Stores are accessible from anywhere using any device, so you can manage them all from a single computer or multiple devices!

Event Integration

Easily embed store items into the camping or event registration process. Improve your sales as customers register for events!

  • Pick which items to sell at which events. Sell what your customers want while they're registering for an event. Patch sets, hoodies, you name it!
  • Offer free or discounted items. Do participants get a free t-shirt or cap with every summer camp registration? We make it easy while still allowing them to purchase extra at the regular price!
  • Packing list report for easy distribution. A few clicks gets you a report showing which items go with which registration!

Built-in Inventory Management

Online inventory management for all your stores, by store.

  • Import National inventory items. Import your CC Price file from National!
  • Multiple shipping & handling options. Do you charge by weight or number of items? We support that.
  • Plenty of options. Add colors, sizes, or other options to your items.
  • Annual inventory count. Complete your annual inventory count online!
  • Multiple reports. Current inventory status, sales, barcodes - it's all there!

Low Quantity and Purchase Alert Notifications

Set your alerts and be notified when you need to take action.

  • Low quantity notifications. Set a threshold per inventory item, to be notified if the quantity falls below that level!
  • Purchase alerts. Be notified when a new order is placed!