Turning Point District

Serving the Rochester City School District.

District Chair: Vacant
District Commissioner: Ryan McDonald
District Executive: Alex Mastromarchi, 585-241-8568

Welcome to the Turning Point District!

To get involved as a volunteer please contact Alex at the information above.

Background Checks and Reference reviews are done on all Board and Unit Serving Volunteers for the safety of our Youth

All Volunteers must take Youth Protection Training - This can be found at my.scouting.org (Create an account and then click the YPT Shield) 


The Turning Point District Board provides leadership to the District and its volunteers. The District Board meets once a month to discuss current needs and assign projects to committees. Committees meet once a month or as needed. 

Currently Available Board Positions

District Operations Chair

  • Guide the operations of the District.
  • Identify and recruit quality volunteers to serve as operating committee chairs
  • Initiate plans and help the operating committee chairs recruit an adequate number of members to carry out the functions of the district.
  • Develop a strategic plan for the district that will ensure increased volunteers, membership growth, financial support and quality programs
  • Represent the District on the Council Board

District Operations Vice-Chair

  • With direction of the District Chair; guide the various tasks which are assigned.
  • Assist in identifying and recruiting quality volunteers to serve in vacancies

District Finance Chair

  • Provides leadership to the overall fund raising program of the district.
  • Works with the Friends of Scouting Steering committee in identifying key campaign leaders and potential new donors.

Calendar Ads Chairman

  • Develop prospects for Calendar Ad Campaign.
  • Work with local businesses to show value and secure an ad placement.
  • Maintain Relationships with Advertisers through Thank you and Holiday cards.

Unit Ambassador

  • Facilitate the on-time annual charter renewal of all assigned units. While working to ensure each unit achieves Journey to Excellence Unit award.
  • See that unit leadership gets adequate opportunities for training.
  • Encourage units to turn in appropriate advancement forms.

Day Camp Program Director

  • Develop and implement a plan for District Day Camps.
  • Ensure that activities remain in accordance with National policy.
  • Help Staff market the Program to unit membership 
  • Evaluate progress in implementing an effective program.

Popcorn Kernal (Fall only)

  • Facilitate internal and external Popcorn Sales
    • Internally promote in Schools where units are present
    • Externally promote with local business
  • Work with the District Leadership to recruit more volunteers as needed.
  • Work with Program Staff to track Scout sales and finances.


Non-Board Positions

Community Partner Town Hall Meeting Manager (Every other month) 

  • Work with the District Executive to create an agenda
  • Facilitate the Town Hall with Community Partners

Unit Leader (1 hour per week) 

  • Implement weekly program with the assistance of co-leaders using the Scoutreach Program 




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