Great Plains District

Serving the Northwest North Dakota counties of Burke, Mountrail, McKenzie, Williams and Divide.  Also serving the Northeast Montana counties of Sheridan, Daniels and a portion of Roosevelt.

District Leadership

District Chairman Tim Horab (701) 774-3156
District Commissioner    
District Executive Vacant  
Asst. Director of Field Service Rob Gilkerson (701) 223-7204

Top Stories

Ethan Crisp Receives Promotion

Ethan Crisp has accepted the position of Senior District Executive in the Great Southwest Council, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Ethan has been serving the council as the Great Plains District Executive for three years.  Ethan’s district highlights include a 12% membership growth in 2017, working with the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office to start the first Explorer Post in the district—a post that is still going strong today, and starting a pack and troop in Culbertson that had been inactive for years.

Ethan’s new responsibilities will be in the Sandia District, covering northeast Albuquerque, the east mountain communities, and the I-40 corridor to the Texas line.  The district currently has 64 units, with 1,200 registered scouts and a finance goal of $100,000.

Join us in congratulating Ethan and his wife Tracy as he works to grow Scouting alongside the volunteers of the Sandia District in northeast Albuquerque.  The best wishes of the volunteers and employees of the Northern Lights Council go with Ethan and Tracy as they begin this new career challenge.  Ethan’s last day with the Northern Lights Council will be Friday, November 30, 2018.

Great Plains District 14 News for Fall - September October, November 2018.

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Youth Protection Training

The Northern Lights Council will be conducting Youth Protection Training via video conference (Go to Meeting) in September and October. As previously announced, a NEW Youth Protection Training course is required for all registered leaders before they will be able to renew their BSA membership later this year. The Youth Protection Training certificate (from the old course) expired on October 1, 2018.

Download the Youth Protection Training Flyer for dates and times of upcoming training sessions for people that want to become certified to conduct the new Youth Protection Training or just to complete the training for yourself.

Unit Charter Renewal and Youth Protection Training

As we begin the annual Unit Charter Renewal Campaign, it is important to note that current Youth Protection Training will be required for all leader renewals at the time the online charter renewal is completed. What this means is, if a unit has a leader that is not current in Youth Protection Training, the unit will not be able to finish the online charter renewal.

Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training

Leader Position-Specific training courses are being offered across the Council from September 13 - December 5.  Download the training flyer with the schedule here.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Ethan Crisp at (208) 965-1224.

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