For those Scouts and leaders who are unexpectedly not able to attend summer camp, this form will be used to determine if a refund may be granted.  All refund requests must be submitted by August 27, 2019.  If a refund is approved, funds will be returned to the original payer, usually the unit. Refund requests will be processed after the conclusion of the summer camp season.

Refund Policy
♦  All refund requests must be submitted no later than August 27, 2019.  
♦  For cancellations on or before May 15th all fees paid (less non-refundable deposits) are transferrable within the reservation. If the entire unit reservation is canceled, the $25/Scout deposit (minimum $250) is forfeited.
♦  For cancellations between May 15th and 30 days prior to camp, a 25% administrative service charge is assessed on all refunds.
♦  Within 30 days of camp, no refunds are granted unless the Scout in question finds themself in one of these circumstances: 
a) their family moves out of council due to an unforeseen situation.
b) there is a death or serious illness in their immediate family requiring their attendance.
c) they themself become ill and unable to attend camp. Last minute cancellations due to chronic conditions may not meet the criteria of becoming ill. 
d) the Scout becomes ill/injured while at camp and is sent home by the camp medical personnel. The Scout will be granted a pro-rated refund of fees paid, less the 25% program service charge.