In order to help us guide families to your Pack we are asking for some key information from every Cub Pack in 2020. This information will be used to promote your join night and connect prospective Scouting families to YOUR pack. Please take a moment to fill out as much information as possible.

A Note about Join Nights

The information collected here is for Virtual Join Night Events. We understand that in 2020 it may not be possible to do a in person Join Night do to restrictions on the facility you meet at or size of gathering. This form is meant to collect information about Pack Join Scouting Events that are held online using meeting tools such as Zoom or Facebook Meeting Room. If you are hosting a "in person" join event we are collecting that information HERE.

Your district professional staff and membership team will be following up about any missing information.

Key Info to help you get FREE Handbooks for your NEW Cub Scouts:

Did your pack attend the May Webinar and/or your District Kick off in August?
Do you have a REGISTERED Unit New Member Coordinator?
Do you have a DEDICATED Join Night planned for this fall? 

Important! : Give families more than ONE chance to join! Have more than one layers of opportunity to Join your pack. Fill out these forms multiple times to let us know you have multiple chances for use to promote!