2019 Fall Scouting for Food Campaign.  

Requests for door hangers must be turn in by 11/1/2019.  They will be available through Roundtables or contact your district Scouting for Food chair to make arrangements to pick up them up.

General guidelines for organizing your unit's Scouting for Food program:

  • Contact local food bank to make sure they want help
  • Define date for drive, probably on two consecutive Saturdays - fall is popular, but spring is a time when many food shelves are low
  • Determine how many scouts will participate and how many adults will be available to drive when picking up food
  • Determine how many homes can be covered in buddy teams - in single home neighborhoods, about 175-200 houses can be handled in 2 hours.
  • Determine number of door hangers are needed.
  • On a  map, mark out what area your unit will cover.
  • Divide the area into smaller sections for teams to choose.
  • Make maps and sign-up sheet available at unit meetings prior to event.
  • Label the door hangers with your unit information and pick up date.
  • Distribute door hangers and instructions to scouts.

Scouting for Food Campaign Tips for Success:

  • Have patrol or den leaders call to remind scouts the night before distribution and collection.
  • Assemble all scouts and adults at 8:45 a.m. to receive final instructions before distributing door hangers and collecting bags.
  • All scouts wear uniforms when distributing and collecting bags
  • Scouts stay in buddy teams
  • Begin distribution and collection after 9:00am, not earlier
  • Hang the door hangers on front door - do not knock, but if the resident is outside or greets you, explain the program
  • Before the collection date, post reminder signs at entrances to main neighborhoods and at key intersections.
  • It takes more time to distribute bags than to collect bags, so one collection team can cover two distribution team areas.
  • Only collect visible bags - do not knock or ask for bags.
  • Have a couple of 'Clean Up' teams to cover the entire area after the collection teams have completed. These Clean Up teams drive the area looking for any missed bags and signs to ensure complete coverage.