The purpose of a campership is to make summer camp available to Scouts who could not otherwise afford the attendance fees. Paying a Scout’s own way is a key element of the Scouting program, and providing the funds for the Scout’s attendance of camp should be a joint effort of the unit, the unit’s chartering organization, the Scout and his family, and the campership program. The campership will fund up to 50% of the early bird base fee.

Details of the campership application are confidential and only shared with the campership committee. Please fill out the application completely and make sure all required signatures are obtained. Incomplete applications will not be considered. CAMPERSHIP APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE BY MARCH 15, 2019 FOR BOY SCOUT RESIDENT CAMP AND CUB FAMILY CAMP, AND APRIL 15, 2019 FOR WEBELOS AND CUB SCOUT RESIDENT CAMPS.