Campership Application Process

Each year, partial Scout camp fees are awarded to those Crossroads of America Council Scouts who wish to go to camp but are unable to pay the full cost. This money is given in return for service to the school, to the church or synagogue, or to the boy's chartered organization.

Camperships can be awarded for up to 50% of the early program fee. Camperships are awarded strictly on the "honor system." The program is designed to help a low-income youth who could not otherwise afford to go to a camp program.

Applications should be submitted no later than March 1st for summer camp. Applications may be submitted after March 1st, however, they will not qualify for the maximum amount.

To participate, the Scout must:

1)  Identify a "good turn" service project. This should be a project of the boy's own choosing. Unit service projects such as Scouting for Food do not qualify, nor do service projects completed as part of a Scout's advancement program. The project should involve a significant number of hours and effort on the boy's part, appropriate for his age.

2)  Secure his Scout leader's approval that the project is worthwhile.

3)  Fill out this Campership application.

4)  Complete the project to the satisfaction of his Scout leader. The Scout leader will verify project completion at camp.

If your unit is going to an out-of-council camp, your Scout may still apply for a campership. In the application below, you will be asked for information on where to send the out-of-council payment, if a campership is awarded. If this information is not complete, any award will not be processed. 

Please note that Campership awards are NOT guaranteed. You will receive notification in March if your request is received by March 1st, or within 3 weeks if received after March 1st.



Make sure you have ALL information at hand before beginning this form. Your entries will not be saved if you leave the form before it is completed and you cannot edit the information once you click the SUBMIT button. You will have an opportunity to print what you have submitted.