PURPOSE: The purpose of this award is to recognize noteworthy service of a Unit Committee Member who is registered in Scouting in the North Star District of the Northeast Illinois Council. The award is meant to encourage initiative, interest, responsibility and cooperation from Committee Members in assisting Unit leaders in promoting and carrying out good Scouting programs. 

AWARDS PROCESS: This award is presented at the Annual District Awards Dinner or at a Unit recognition ceremony such as a pack Blue and Gold dinner or troop Court of Honor.  To be awarded at the District Dinner, nominations MUST be received no later than December 1st.
If this award is to be presented at the District Dinner, please encourage your Key Scouter nominee to attend.  Awards are limited to 3-5 Key Scouters within the same unit at the District Dinner.

Please allow a couple of weeks lead time for creating the certificate and obtaining the necessary signature. Please keep a photocopy of the completed form for your records.

Please provide the names of those to be presented.  Please note names will be spelled how they are submitted on this form.  Please ensure they are correct prior to submitting. ​