PURPOSE: The purpose of this award is to recognize a unit’s most outstanding adult. The award is a silver pin featuring an acorn with a wreath around it. The pin is attached to a ribbon that can be worn on the right shirt pocket.

ELIGIBILITY: The recipient can be any leader or parent in a unit. The award will be presented at the Annual District Awards Dinner. The recipient should be encouraged to attend the District Dinner to receive this award. A person may receive this award only per unit joined.

AWARDS PROCESS: The unit awards one Silver Acorn annually. The nominee’s name must be received by the awards committee no later than December 1st. Typically, the unit committee chair forms an awards committee in September to nominate adult leaders for awards. Consider comprising the Unit Awards Committee of one unit committee member, one registered adult leader, and one unregistered parent.

Preparation for District Awards Dinner: The unit awards committee chair contacts the recipient to ensure that the recipient will attend the Annual District Awards Dinner. Typically, a unit will make reservations for the recipient and spouse/significant other as well as unit members who wish to honor the recipient. Some units charge the tickets to their unit; others charge the people attending. Tickets are priced to break even – the dinner is not a district/council fundraiser. There are only 250 tickets. Reservations are not automatic with the submission of the form.