This Scholarship Application must be completed by a parent or legal guardian. 

The deadline has been extended again, this time to June 12 (11:59 PM).

If you are a unit leader, forward this scholarship form link to all your families. 

If you have any questions about the scholarship process, contact our Scout Executive at  If you need to amend your responses after you've submitted your scholarship application, contact our Program Assistant,  They are the only two council employees who have access to this confidential information.

NOTE:  You must answer all required fields accurately, for us to be able to process your application.  Thank you.

ONE APPLICATION FOR EACH SCOUT AND/OR EACH EVENT:  If you have more than one scout needing financial assistance, you must complete one application for each of them.  The same is true if you have one scout wanting to participate in two summer camp programs.  You cannot "combine" them since the approved amount needs to be scout and program specific to be applied as a scholarship payment to their online registration.

Scholarship awards are not guaranteed.

REGISTER EARLY FOR THE EVENT:  Many Cub Scout and Boy Scout events have early bird, regular, and/or late fee amounts.  Make sure to get your scout registered online during the early bird period to get the best deal!  In other words, REGISTER EARLY, either with your Pack, Troop, or Crew for events that need a Unit Registration completed, or as a family for those you can do yourself.  If you register early, you can choose to mail in your payment instead of paying online with a credit card when you complete the "Finalize Registration" or "Make a Payment" tab

NYLT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS:  Since registration closes by April 2, please complete a scholarship application for NYLT by March 1.  Notify the Program Assistant at Debi Geiger immediately, if you miss this deadline


  • Starting in February, scholarships application data will be downloaded on Mondays (or Tuesdays, if we are closed on a Monday), by the Program Assistant.
  • This information will be shared with our Scout Executive, and 1 or 2 key volunteers he deems necessary to finalize amounts approved.
  • Letters will be completed on Fridays and mailed the following week.
  • Once the Scout is registered online, the scholarship payment will be applied to that particular Scout's camp fees.
  • It is the family's responsibility to pay the rest of the balance for the event in a timely manner, whether online with a credit/debit card, by check to the council office, or to your unit's Camp Contact person (or treasurer, if so directed).
  • The above steps will be followed every few weeks, or every week when needed.

DID YOU MISS THE DEADLINE?  Contact Debi Geiger to see if and/or when it will be reopened.


"WHAT I DID AT CAMP":  We understand that youth need not know about their family’s financial circumstances.  So, instead of asking them to write a thank you note for the scholarship, have them write a note to say, “What I Learned at Camp”, “What I Did at Camp”, “Thanks for Teaching Me How To…”, etcetera.  We also love drawings about and pictures of their time at camp!  There's no need to include the scout's last name on the note itself.  We will pass them along to those who give generously each year to our scholarship funds.

Writing about the fun they had can help make them lifetime memories, appreciate the experience even more, and as a bonus, it will be great practice in penmanship.