Please complete this form to grant approval for your Scout to participate in an online merit badge course provided by the Central Florida Council.  While Scoutmaster approval is not technically REQUIRED (see Guide to Advancement, pg 43), it is important that you know what your Scouts are working on so you can help support them to the extent possible.

Each Merit Badge will be conducted online by a registered Merit Badge Counselor.  Any requirements marked as COMPLETE on a Scout's merit badge application (blue card) will be confirmed through a variety of digital means by the Counselor and all participants will be held to a high standard.

Upon completion of the online sessions, you will receive a copy of their blue card (whether complete or partial) and a file for upload to your advancement records on either Scoutbook or Troopmaster.

Spring 2020 online sessions will begin March 23.  Please complete this form before that time.  Thank you.