Camp Phillips | Cub World Refund Form

Camp fees are non-refundable as we encourage Units to transfer fees to another Scout from your Unit who is attending camp. However, the Council Camping Committee will deal with each situation in which a written refund request is received and endeavor to be as fair as possible. All refunds are calculated AFTER the $50 nonrefundable deposit. All refund requests are due August 31.

These are the guidelines are as follows:


Sickness, injury or family tragedy during camp resulting in the Scout being sent home:

Days 1-2 of a session - 50% refunded
Days 3-4 of a session - 25% refunded
Day 5-7 of a session – no refund


Sickness, injury or family tragedy before camp resulting in the Scout not attending:

Notification of Council before camp week - 100% refunded
Notification at check-in during camp week - 50% refunded
Notification after check-in – no refund


All other reasons; i.e. baseball tournament, change in vacation plans, etc.:

Notification of Council at least 7 days before your scheduled camp date - 50% refunded
Less than 7 days, no refund

Committee will meet and have all refunds finalized by September 15.