Middle Tennessee Council

The Middle Tennessee Council Target and Range Committee graciously requests the following information when considering using a range for the purpose of a live fire activity. This information will streamline the process of ensuring the youth of today have a positive and safe experience with Target and Range Sports in the Middle Tennessee Council. To view the  Boy Scouts of America Shooting Sports (Manual) Guidelines, Click Here.


STEPS on how to reserve ranges, equipment, and proper trained leadership for units, distirct and council events. To have a positive and safe experience.

  1. Complete online Range Request - below.
    • Minimum of ten (10) individuals required
    • This is not a request to camp and or facility on council property.
  2. Once this request is completed it is sent the Camping Department and to the Council Target and Range Committee.
  3. Request are reviewed at the monthly Target and Range Committee Meeting - TRS Calendar
  4. Once Approved or Denied an email will be sent to the camping department and to Point of Contact of the request. 
  5. A Range Coordinator will contact you and work with you on the details of your request.


  1. Use of own equipment is prohibit. Must use council provided firearms. 
  2. Please submit request 8 weeks prior to the event.