Northeast Illinois Council


This scholarship application can only be completed by the parent/legal guardian of the Scout with financial needs.  If you are a unit leader, DO NOT complete it for them.  There is personal and confidential information ONLY THE FAMILY should provide.  Thank you in advance for abiding by this important rule.

WHEN CAN I COMPLETE THIS FORM?  THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED THROUGH SATURDAY, JUNE 6 (11:59 PM).  Make sure you click on the "Submit" button at the bottom. 

SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.  The answers determine the scholarship amount, so please take your time and answer the application questions as completely and honestly as possible.  Contact our Camping and Program Assistant as quickly as possible with questions to make changes to a submitted application:

FUNDS AVAILABILITY:  If our scholarship funds are depleted, a note will be added above, and your application will be added to our Waitlist.  If funds become available to cover some or all of your scholarship payment amount, we will notify your family.

If you have any questions about the scholarship award process, contact

CONFIDENTIALITY:  We value your privacy, so Debi Geiger and our Scout Executive Nick Roberts are the only two people who have access to the detailed information you provide.


  1. If your child wants to attend two weeks of camp or two different NEIC Scouting events, submit two applications.
  2. If you have two or more Scouts needing financial assistance to attend NEIC Scouting events, complete an application for each of them (2 or more Scouts=2 or more applications). 

Why? This is the only way the approved amounts can be properly applied online to each Scout, Event, and Week as a "council program" payment.


  • CUB SCOUTS: Parents can register their Cub Scouts for Day Camp or Akela Camp @ MSR. NOTE: If your Pack/Den has offered to pay part of your Scout's fee, check to see if they want to complete the online registration instead (it makes it easier for them to pay their amount).
  • MSR SUMMER CAMP (Scouts BSA and Venturing Crew members): Contact your unit leader or camp coordinator to register.  Families CANNOT complete these registrations themselves (contact Debi if your Scout wants to attend a different week than their Unit as a Provisional Scout).
  • NYLT: National Youth Leadership Training participants must be approved by their Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor, so contact them to register.  They will have the required password or will complete the registration for your Scout.


  • Scholarship applications are approved in batches, not individually.  Please allow ten days from the date of submission to be contacted by the council.
  • Debi, the Camping and Program Assistant, will download the scholarship application data.
  • This information will only be shared with Nick Roberts, our Scout Executive, to finalize approved amounts.
  • CUB SCOUTS: Parents (or online Registration Contacts) will be notified of the scholarship payment amount for each scout on the registration.
  • SCOUTS BSA/VENTURING CREW YOUTH: Registration Contacts will be notified of the approved amounts since they are responsible for collecting the Scout's fees.  If the scout is not registered online yet, please ensure they are as quickly as possible after being informed of the approved scholarship amount.  
  • Approved scholarship amounts are uploaded into Black Pug/247 Scouting.  Payments are then applied to each Scout's online registration by Debi.  This can only happen after they are registered online (she needs a place to apply it).

Contact Debi Geiger if you or your unit have questions about registering online without paying anything yet.

Please be patient since the closer we get to the summer camp season, the busier Nick and Debi's daily schedules become.

​REGISTRATION BALANCE:  After scholarship payments are applied, it is the family's responsibility to see that the balance for the event is paid promptly to the unit or online.

Find out if:

  • Your Unit has a PayPal account to collect payments
  • Your Unit can/will pay fees from your Scout's Fundraising Account (even Provisional Scouts)
  • Your Unit will require payment by check or cash to your Registration Contact or Unit Treasurer (make checks payable to your Unit)
  • Your Unit will activate the "Parent Portal" within the event registration they completed (where your Scout is registered), so your family can make payments online.  Tell them to can contact Debi if they have questions about this option.

DID YOU MISS THE APPLICATION SUBMISSION DEADLINE?  Contact Debi Geiger to see if and/or when this application will be reopened.