Log your Daily Miles Walked Here

We challenge you to walk 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from late October to Thanksgiving! Why 5 kilometers? Because this year we celebrate Cutter Scout Reservation’s 50th Anniversary (1970-2020). Walk one kilometer for each decade Cutter Scout Reservation has served as a fantastic camp for thousands of Scouts and families. Many of us would love to spend multiple weekends up at Cutter Scout Reservation or Boulder Creek Scout Reservation this month, and hopefully one day we can again but for right now get outside and walk! So, over the month of November we not only want you to stay Mentally Awake participating in our Reading Challenge we started in September, but also stay Physically Strong by tracking your steps every day to see if over the course of the next 30 days you can walk 5 kilometers!

5K not enough? Try walking 50K, one kilometer for each year. Or try for the number of years Boulder Creek Scout Reservation has been with us and do 54K!