Mountaineer Area Council is pleased to accept nominations for the
2020 Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year.
Submissions are due by February 12, 2021 *EXTENDED DEADLINE*

On or before February 12, an Eagle Scout, his/her parents, or any registered BSA volunteer (with the Eagle Scout’s permission) may submit his/her Eagle Scout service project for consideration. The Scout must have passed his/her Eagle board of review between January 1, 2020 - February 8, 2021. The Council Advancement and Recognition Committee will choose one winner from among the council nominees. The winner will receive a certificate and a bronze device for the Eagle Scout embroidered knot from the National Eagle Scout Association. All council winners will be considered for the Regional Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award. Council winners are encouraged to submit a link to an HD video about their project to the national NESA office.

Submission Guidelines
The nomination shall be submitted to the Council Advancement and Recognition Committee in which the service project was completed on or before February 12 of each year. The submission must include this application, a name and summary of the project, and the Eagle Scout’s contact information. A complete duplicate copy of his/her Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (previously submitted by the Scout to his/her Eagle board of review committee), along with any photos or other supporting documentation must be emailed separately to

Evaluation Criteria 
The Council Advancement and Recognition Committee shall select one service project of the year from among those meeting the submission guidelines. The included criteria and other factors are all appropriate for consideration by the committee in selecting the winners. Evaluation criteria for this award should include consideration of at least the following:

  • Project planning required 
  • Effort to develop the project 
  • Extent and character of the leadership provided by the Scout 
  • Extent of achievement of the planned result, including changes or modifications required to complete the project 
  • Project’s impact on the beneficiary and/or on the community at large 
  • Originality of the project 
  • Scope of the work 
  • Time and materials contributed 
  • Level of skill employed to complete the project