Pacific Harbors Council

Are you interested in staffing Wood Badge 2022. Please complete the information below for consideration.

Staff Development Dates: (You must attend all staff development dates)
January   22nd (8 am - 6 pm)                              February   19th (8 am - 6 pm)
March      26th  (8 am - 6 pm)                              April 22nd - 24th (Friday evening to Sunday morning)
Course Dates (including pre-course days)
May 11th - 15th  (Participants arrive May 13th) (Staff arrives no later than 6 pm on Wednesday)
May 19th - 22nd (Participants arrive May 21st) (Staff arrives no later than 6 pm on Thursday)
Staff Fees: These fees cover your food and various items needed for course. Many people incur additional epenses as well. Staff fees are $125.00 (or $160 if you need a BSA brown crusher hat). Staff fees include 2 course t-shirts, epaulets, hat cords, other bling, and all staff program supplies, plus all costs for the staff                                                           development and course meals.
Questions? Contact:
Ron Francis
(253)281-1604 (Text preferred)