The DUE DATE for submitting financial aid applications for SUMMER PROGRAMS AND CAMPS is APRIL 15

FINANCIAL AID  Thanks to the generosity of donors, we have a designated financial assistance fund for youth in need. Throughout the year, grants are made from this fund to ensure all youth have the opportunity to experience the excitement of our camps.

ELIGIBILITY  Need-based financial aid or “camperships” are subject to available funding. Applicants must be a currently registered youth member of Green Mountain Council, and must be registered for the program or camp that they are seeking financial assistance for.

HOW TO APPLY  Complete and submit the Online Application Form below.

SELECTION CRITERIA & OTHER CONSIDERATIONS  GMC is committed to equity and inclusion and ensuring that all youth can access the proven benefits of its programs and camps regardless of their financial circumstances. For this reason, financial aid is awarded primarily on a need basis and families are encouraged to be open and communicative about the factors impacting their ability to provide for a GMC program or camp experience. Incomplete or unclear applications might impact the Campership Committee’s ability to consider a request. Funding constraints typically do not allow for the committee to grant more than a third of the program/camp’s total cost and applicants should be working with their family, Scouting Unit, and other community resources to supplement financial aid received from the Council. GMC supports several product sale opportunities throughout the year to help Scouts earn their way to camp, and participation in these sales is a factor in the financial aid selection process.

TIMELINE  The application deadline for summer camping programs is April 15. Award decisions will be made and reported to families no later than May 30.
     Applications for assistance for other Council camping programs should be made forty-five (45) days in advance of the event.

HOW IS THE CAMPERSHIP APPLIED?  When awarded, the campership is directly applied to the youth's existing registration, and notification is sent to the parent and the committee chair of the unit.
   Green Mountain Council strives to provide need and merit-based aid at a level that is greater than any promotional discount. Campers receiving financial aid will see that discount applied to the Full-Price Fee regardless of any other discounts, promotions, or incentives that may be applicable. It is not possible to combine financial aid with other discounts or early registration incentives. For example, John applies for financial aid to a camp with a full fee of $550, and is awarded a $100 campership. John’s final out-of-pocket cost is $450 (full price $550 - $100 campership).

It is important that a campership recipient's registration fees are paid in full by the published date in the program/camp’s fee schedule. Otherwise, GMC reserves the right to revoke the funding award to assist other youth who are committed to attending a program. Campership recipients need not adhere to other promotional dates in the fee schedule, as early bird incentives and other promotions are not applicable to their customized program fee.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO DONATE TO THE CAMPERSHIP FUND?  Donors can make a gift online at the GMC Financial Aid Campership Program giving portal or by mail to the Council Service Center (PO Box 557, Waterbury, VT 05676). If mailing a check, be sure to indicate “Campership” in the memo field.