Laurel Highlands Council


Camp Master

Camp Guyasuta

300 23rd Street, Sharpsburg, PA 15215





Currently seeking:

Adults Interested in Becoming A Camp Master.


What is a Camp Master?

A camp master corps is a group of selected, trained individuals who serve at camp whenever Scouting units/Families are using any part of the camp property. Campmasters select a time and frequency of service they are able to commit to, but they usually serve four to six times a year. The corps generally meets twice a year to evaluate its program, schedule ahead, and arrange for the training of any new members.

It is important that the person have outdoor experience and people skills.



1. Must be available at least four weekends a year.

2. Available to stay at camp on those weekends

3. You must be willing to be a registered member of the Boy Scouts Of America

4. You must have completed FBI Fingerprinting, Child Abuse, and Criminal background checks.

5. If interested in further information contact Mike at