Every Youth Can Scout and Every Scout Can Camp.


Camp4All is a camp scholarship program dedicated to ensuring that every Scout, regardless of financial constraints, can experience the magic of summer camp. Made possible through the generous contributions of individuals and organizations, Camp4All provides scholarships, creating opportunities for children who might otherwise miss out on the transformative camp experience. The impact of this initiative extends beyond the campgrounds, fostering personal growth, resilience, and lasting memories.

General Requirements:

  • Cascade Pacific Council youth may apply for assistance for one (1): Resident Camp, NYLT or Horse Trek per year.
  • Only one (1) Camp Scholarship request will be granted per applicant, per year to allow us to serve as many youth people as possible.
  • National High Adventure, World Jamborees, National OA Events, and other non-council events are not eligible.
  • To be eligible for a Camp Scholarship, the applicant’s family must show financial need. Families within Federal Poverty levels are prioritized for scholarships, based on the total before-tax income of the family and the number of people in the household. Levels can be found at https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines.
  • Cascade Pacific Council authorizes funds based on income and extenuating circumstances. The maximum amount of aid per camp/program is 50% of the cost of the camp or program.
  • Turn in the application early to ensure consideration. Though we have significantly increased the fund through Camp4All, camp scholarships are limited and are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Funds are not available for going to Out-of-Council Camps, Scouts or adults from other Councils, or adult leader camp fees.

Important Notes:

  • An application must be submitted before the unit’s registration contact can link it to the participant on the event. Check with your Unit to be sure a reservation has been made.
  • Once submitted, the primary registration contact must select it on the participant information for the event before it can be processed.
  • Unit leaders for information on how to register the campership on an event click here: Campership Event Registration Instructions
  • The name of the applicant and unit information must match exactly what is on the application and on the event registration for it to be linked. Confirm with unit leader.
  • The requested amount does not guarantee the final amount that may or may not be awarded.
  • A pending campership balance on the registration does not guarantee that it will be awarded, rather this a pending status to reflect the application being in the review process and may change or be removed once the review is completed.
  • The review process may take up to 6 weeks to complete.  Unit’s primary registration contact will be notified if approved.
  • All requests for Camp Scholarships end two weeks before the start of the event.
  • If the participant does not attend the event the Scholarship was awarded for, the scholarship will be returned to the scholarship fund and the participant will be charged the full reservation cost.
  • Fill out the application as completely and accurately as possible.