Indian Nations Council

The Indian Nations Council has been redistricted to better serve our Scouting families and we need your Scouts help to name the new districts.


  • Only youth, 17 and under, can enter the contest, with their parent’s consent.
  • A Scout may only submit a name and logo for the new district in which they reside. This is based on the unit in which the Scout is registered.
  • No current or previous district names can be used.
  • No Wood Badge critters.
  • No Native American names.

The best submission for each of the three new districts will be selected by the committee and announced June 4, 2021.

Each of the 3 winning Scouts will receive $500.

In additon to the name please submit a logo concept for consideration to 

District Name and Logo submission deadline is May 28, 2021 at 5:00pm.