Please enter the information below to receive Pre-Order Home Delivery.

Delivery will take place AUGUST 23-25.

  • I will contact the Popcorn Team to confirm the Council’s receipt of this order
  • I understand that our popcorn order and this form are due on August 9
  • We are opting to receive our via Home Delivery from DeMar Logistics 
  • We understand that this order must be in full cases.
  • I understand that DeMar Logistics will email me in advance regarding product delivery dates and the approximate time window of my delivery.
  • I understand that my unit will be charged a $230 fee for this delivery, and that will be due with our payment on Super Saturday, November 6.
  • No more than 2 units may combine for 1 delivery location.
  • Both Units sharing a delivery must complete this form.