CouncilSite gives you full control of your council's website.  You build it to your specifications and you control the content.

  • No programming or HTML knowledge required.
  • Completely responsive - your website looks great on any device, from a phone to a desktop!
  • Role based - you determine user access levels, change approval processes, and when changes are published.  Users can be limited to one or more districts or given council-wide access.
  • Includes workflow management - users who can't self-approve submit their changes to the approver, who receives an email notification of the pending approval.  The approval process automatically sends an email back to the change originator with either an approved or denied message.
  • Easily create district pages and control whether they all follow the same template or districts are able to make their own designs.
  • 100% Scout-specific capabilities.  Districts, Scout Shops, Service Centers, FOS, Event Calendar, Staff Directory, and Employment are all pre-built with drag and drop positioning.
  • Add social media buttons, bulletin boards, YouTube videos, galleries, etc. with just a few clicks.